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Top 20 Places to Travel in Munnar

Top 20 Places to Travel in Munnar

You venture into a forest the minute you leave what is left of Kothamangalam’s boundaries and drive out to Neriamangalam Bridge.

  1. Pampadum Shola National Park Trekking –  (Koviloor)

Pampadum Shola National Park is the smallest national park in Kerala, administered by the Kerala Department of Forests and Wildlife, Munnar Wildlife Division. The Park is located in the eastern part of Southern Western Ghats of Kerala on the way to Vattavada, near Top Station about 35 Kms from Munnar town.

An adventure trekking option which lasts around 3 hours through the forest road is available and is named as Nature Trail to the Watch Tower. The area is biologically rich in flora and fauna, the sanctuary offers excellent opportunities to experience Kerala wildlife in their natural habitat.

2. Cave of Malai Kallan (Malayil Kallan Guha) – (Muttukad)

Malayil Kallan Cave is an interesting tourist spot near the Lock Heart Gap in the Munnar – Thekkady Gap road. Local people have a historical story to tell about this cave. Once upon a time, a thief used this cave as a hideout place. He used to loot the travellers in this root. Some people add to the story that this thief was a good thief and he used to distribute all the money he collects to the poor people around that area.

3.Kovilkadavu Valley – (Kovilkadavu)

Kovilkadavu is a small sleepy hamlet, located hardly 5km from marayoor. Travellers can buy necessary things from here  as the village has a number shops available.  A river flowing through rocks and stones adds to the beauty of kovilkadavu. There are different stay options provided by the forest department. Travelers can book overnight stays at log houses or mud huts inside the forest.  These Camp sites are blessed with clear blue sky, clean air, stretch of green meadows and thick foliage teeming with flora and fauna makes it a dream destination for tourists

4. Kovilkadav Eco Tourism Spot And Muniyara (Marayoor Hills View) – (Kovilkadavu)

It’s a stunning eco tourism spot located   1.5 km away from kovilkadavu. Travellers can explore ancient dolmens (Muniyara) and rock paintings which date back to the Stone Age. From here we will get a breathtaking view of Marayoor hills.  Entrance fee is cheap

Timing :9am to 5pm

5. Pampar River – (Marayur)

It traverses Turner’s Valley in Eravikulam National Park and flows into the Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary through the Taliar Valley between Kanthalloor and Marayoor Villages and eastwards through the sanctuary.  The Pambar merges with the Chinnar River at Koottar. The Chinnar forms the interstate boundary along the northwest edge of the sanctuary and becomes the Amaravati River in Tamil Nadu, and eventually joins the Kaveri River near Karur.

6. Marayoor Sandalwood Forest – (Marayur)

Maryoor contains a number of sandalwood forests, and is the only place in Kerala where natural sandalwood forest is present. It’s a place where the scent of sandal wafts in the air.

7. Sugarcane Plantation Visit – (Marayur)

Sugarcane farms in Marayoor known for a tasty variety of solid molasses. Marayoor falls in the rain shadow region and the quality of the molasses is attributed to the specialty in climate and cool weather out there. In Marayoour and Kanthalloor you can see the beautiful sugar cane farms. Everyday a lot of travelers are visiting this place to explore the sugar plantations and the production of Jaggery

8.Kanthalloor Waterfalls  – (Kanthalloor)

It’s situated around 5 km away from kanthalloor. Walk to the falls is very lovely, you have to walk down several steps to reach the waterfall

9. Mankulam – (Mankulam)

Mankulam is the land of biodiversity, cultural fusion and picturesque sceneries.Mankulam Munnar village you feel winter on southern area, Mediterranean climate at the middle and tropical climate on north end, the same time.

10. Perumala View Point  – (Mankulam)

The best time to visit perumala view point is evening after 4 pm. Travellers can relax in cool breeze and fog.

11. Kottakamboor View Point – (Vattavada)

The highest point (7200 ft approximately) in  Munnar. Kottakamboor offers a panoramic view of the majestic Western Ghats.


12. Kanthalloor Tent Camping – (Kanthalloor)

Kanthalloor is famous for its full fledged   tent camping sites and its wide variety of crops which is not seen on the other parts of Kerala, which includes varieties of Apple, Orange, Strawberry, Blackberry, Plums. There are options to stay in tents near beautiful water streams and hills


13. Garden Visit ( Apple And Orange)  – (Kanthalloor)

Kanthalloor is also the valley of apples. If you are visiting Kanthalloor, don’t forget to explore the picturesque apple farms.  These farms and its surrounding environs are especially spectacular just after the rains. One can enjoy the beauty of dense fog in early morning and evening, sublime mist and clouds throughout the year .A visit to these farms unwinds and rejuvenates every nature lovers


14. Kallar Waterfall – (Kambiline, Kallar – Vattiyar)

It’s located around 15 km away from munnar town, on the way to kochi. It is one of the most attractive destination, which you should not miss while planning a trip to munnar. This place is an ideal one for you and your family to spend some quality time. It provides a different experience than other waterfalls

15. Anakkulam – (Mankulam)

Anakkulam is a favorite spot of visitors for its peaceful presence of the jumbos in groups. The elephants that reach here with their calves drink the water bubbles that keep coming up and stay there till the next day.  There are arrangements for the Travelers to watch scenes very close by.

Local people say that the bubbles in the river bed have a salty flavor making it the favorite of the elephants. Why the water is salty here in an area far away from the sea at an elevation of over 1,450 meters is a mystery.

16. Muniyara – (Marayoor)

Dolmens can be counted among one of the enchanting views on the world. There are ancient dolmen sites. Dolmens are made by ……one horizontal stone slab one & 2 vertical one. You get beautiful views of the nearby………….and even for away ….in clear weather. Here one can …….for trekking and rock climbing. Time to visit: Morning 6-10 am for sunrise, Evening 4-7 for sunset

17. Perumbankuth waterfalls – (Mankulam)

It’s a must visit place  if you are planning a trip to mankulam.  there are numerous natural water streams , in which you can bathe.


18. Forest stay – (Mankulam)

You could take up the facilities arranged by the kerala forest department  and stay in forest huts. There is always a cool breeze out there and You can hear the birds as well as feel as if the night swiped away all the bad things and the new day will bring something positive.

19. Tea museum Munnar – (Munnar)

Tea Museum is an industry and history museum situated in Munnar. The tea museum preserves the aspects on the genesis and growth of tea plantations in Kerala’s mountain region in the Idukki district on the Western Ghats. Tata Tea opened the museum which houses curiosities, photographs and machineries, depicting a turning point that contributed to Idukki’s flourishing tea industry. This is a place worth visiting.

20. Swargaedu  – (Rajakkad)

Do you want to see beautiful sunrise and sunset? Would you like to see flowing mist over cliffs? Then you must visit Swargammedu, a heaven on earth, located around  8 km from Rajakkad. The place is great for trekking and off roading. The meadows mountain and stacked slopes are great for this.The view of paddy fields and meadows make this place attractive.

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